Sunday, 30 March 2014

NHS South of England/NHS South Central Annual Report and Accounts 2012/13

Strategic Health Authorities (established 1st July 2006; abolished with creation of CCGs on 31st March 2013)

NHS South of England/NHS South Central Annual Report and Accounts 2012/13

July 2006 to September 2011, Oxfordshire was covered by South Central SHA.
From October 2011, South Central SHA merged with South East Coast SHA and South West SHA to become one SHA covering the South of England (although annual reporting was still produced for each individual SHA).

SHA responsibilities listed in the section ‘About South Central’
·         Providing strategic leadership to the local NHS, ensuring national policy is implemented at a local level
·         Leading on organisational and workforce development, ensuring the NHS organisations in the region are fit for purpose and have a workforce to meet the future healthcare needs of the population
·         Developing plans for improving health services in their region
·         Making sure local health services are of a high quality and are performing well.

The NHS South Central SHA region consisted of:
·         8 Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) which merged to form three PCT clusters
·         8 NHS Foundation Trusts
·         4 NHS Trusts yet to achieve NHS Foundation Trust status
·         18 Clinical Commissioning Groups

This report is almost all accounts, I could not see any mention of services for people with learning disabilities in the report. The Chairman and Chief Executive’s foreword states:

Each report should be read in conjunction with the SHA handover documents:
·         Maintaining and improving quality during transition: handover document
·         Operational Handover and Closedown Report

Unfortunately these documents (or any earlier online information, e.g. papers for Board meetings) do not seem to be available online.

Annual Accounts for NHS South Central 2012/13
·         2012/13 Expenditure: £329.3 million, against available funding of £368.9 million (‘surplus’ of £39.6 million “will be available to invest across the South Central health economy in future years”)
·         2011/12 Expenditure: £331.8 million, against available funding of £386.6 million (‘surplus’ of £54.8 million)

In the ‘related party’ transactions section of the annual accounts (section 20), £8.6 million is recorded as an expenditure from NHS South Central to Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

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